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J. Friedman Studios

 Jamie F. Stewart (American born 1958) is a native of Harlan, Kentucky, but moved to Asheville, North Carolina at the age of 6, and considers Asheville her home.  Her studies began with a 4 year apprenticeship with John Mac Kah, a native of Sarasota, Florida and graduate of Ringling School of Art.  She continued to study under other artists including Kathryn Massey, Jim and Michelle Ostlund, Deborah Paris and Julyan Davis.

Trained in the traditions of classical realism, JF Stewart's works evoke a feeling of quiet meditation.  Her still lifes are contemporary with a sense of the traditional European style.  Inspiration comes from a moment in time when a flash of form, color or light, strikes visually, and makes an impression on the mind and memory.  Soft edges, variation in value and texture, and a Zen philosophy work together to create something contemplative yet soothing to the viewer.

 Artist Statement

For me, Painting is a zen experience.  All the pressures of life just fade away and all of my focus goes to seeing the subject and contemplating each brush stroke  My favorite quote is from Michael Kimmelman's  The Accidental Masterpiece:

"Children dawdle to look at what adults hurry past.  They see the world through fresh eyes.  Maybe this is why artists who push us to look more carefully at simple things may also strike a slightly melancholic note.  They remind us of a childlike condition of wonderment that we abandoned once we became adults and that we need art to highlight occasionally, if only to recall for us what we have given up."

I like to keep my subject matter simple, and paint with a minimalist attitude.  There is enough confusion and overabundance of visual stimulation with television and magazines.  I think artwork should hang in the home and take us to a place where stillness and peace are contemplated on a daily basis.  If I can produce an image that takes a person to another time or place, or remind someone of a particular time of their life that has special meaning, then my job as a painter is done.

Jamie is represented by Design Gallery in Burnsville, NC, Crossnore Fine Arts Gallery in Crossnore, NC, and 16 Patton Fine Art Gallery in Asheville, NC.

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